Are the RSS feeds generated by RSS Chimp valid?

Validate feeds directly from the backend

RSS Chimp only generates valid RSS feeds according to the RSS 2.0 specification. Comfortabely check the validity of your RSS feeds with just one click. You can find the according link at the end of the settings page for default and custom feeds in RSS Chimp. Alternatively, you can copy the URL or the content of the RSS feed and validate manually with the W3C Feed Validation Service.

Default feed

You can find the link for validating the default feed of your WordPress site directly from the settings page in RSS Chimp. Go to RSS Chimp > Feeds and click the link at the end of the settings page.

rss chimp default feed

Custom feed

In RSS Chimp Pro you can create an additional RSS feed. You will find the link for validation at the end of the settings page if the custom feed is enabled.

rss chimp customt feed
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Updated on October 24, 2022