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Add featured images to your WordPress RSS feed to improve your users experience, push your presence in tools like Feedly, Flipboard or Google News. RSS Chimp for WordPress brings featured images instantly with just a click to RSS feeds and helps you to unleash the full potential of your content as it integrates perfectly with Mailchimp, Zapier and other tools that pull feed data.

RSS Chimp — Featured images in RSS feed

Add featured images to the RSS feed

With RSS Chimp Pro it is easier than ever to add images to your WordPress RSS feed. The plugin adds images according to the media RSS specification to maximize the experience of your readers with the highest compatibility.

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rss chimp sizes

Choose the right image size

Make an informed decision! Choose between special dimensions for different tools as well as all default and custom WordPress image sizes.

Unleash the power of automation

RSS Chimp Pro füttert tools wie Mailchimp, Flipboard, Hubspot, Google News und vielen weiteren mit den idealen Bildern to boost your marketing automation efforts.

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Premium features

Add featured images

Add featured images to your WordPress RSS feed with the <media:content> tag.


Add featured images to your WordPress RSS feed with the <enclosure> tag.

Additional feed

Create an extra feed with a custom slug and the highest compatibility with Brevo, Hubspot, Mailchimp and other tools.

Title and description

Adding titles and descriptions to images in the RSS feed, make it more accessible and boost SEO efforts, resulting in increased organic traffic.

Content length

Define the length (full/summary) of the posts in the custom feed to fit your needs.

URL parameter

Add URL parameters to your feeds to improve the quality of tracking (e.g. for Google Analytics or Matomo) for your feeds.

Add custom HTML

Insert custom HTML after each RSS item to add an advertisement, a link to your site or provide additional information.

Post delay

Delay the publication of new posts in the feed to have more time to correct typos and gain time agains content scrapers.

Feed logo


Hide WordPress version

Remove the generator tag from your feed and make it harder for hackers and bots to gather the WordPress version of your site.


You don't need an RSS feed? With RSS Chimp you can disable all feeds.

Premium support

Additionally, as a premium subscriber of RSS Chimp, you will receive priority assistance. Your emails will be given the highest level of attention, enabling us to address your questions and issues in a timely manner. We understand that your time is valuable, and our aim is to make sure that you receive the support you need, exactly when you need it.

Choose your plan


For 1 site
$ 29
  • 12 months of updates & support


For 3 sites
$ 49
  • 12 months of updates & support
Save 43%


For 10 sites
$ 99
  • 12 months of updates & support
Save 65%


Unlimited sites
$ 199
  • 12 months of updates & support


RSS Chimp Free

The free version of RSS Chimp also integrates perfectly with the feed readers of your users and integrates perfectly with Mailchimp, Flipboard, Google News, Hubspot and other marketing automation tool. Try it out!

Add featured images

Easily add featured images with the tag to your WordPress RSS feed and make it compatible with feed readers and other tools.

Three different sizes

Chose between three image sizes to optimize the loading speed and enhance the usability of your WordPress RSS feed.

RSS channel information

Set a logo/image for your RSS channel, add useful metadata like webmaster, editor and copyright information.

Deactivate RSS feed

Deactivate the default WordPress RSS feed with just one click and redirect visitors to the front page.